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OEIC is the advisers to a various foreign institutions providing complete knowledge, support and logistics to establish the infrastructure for recruitment. OEIC advises the client institutions to design country specific courses and supports them for the marketing of the courses including developing the agent network.

OEIC has worked with Education Development of India to develop the courses and network to promote the Education export from India.

Its role as the advisers, OEIC has helped various foreign colleges to design country specific courses. It has developed the agent network and designed the policies to recruit the quality students from Asian & African countries.

OEIC has spread its network to the Indian sub continent and other countries including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana etc.

OEIC, also provides consultancy to the Indian schools to develop the systems to get the National & International accreditation certification for the Quality governance. The company provides complete know how to the schools to apply for the certification and improve the standards as per the requirements.. The director Hardeep Singh is a trained assessor for National Accreditation Board for Education &Training (NABET).

OEIC also provides training to the overseas education agents on the overseas institutions and latest developments in the immigration rules .

OEIC provides expertise to the international Accreditation and Awarding bodies for establish there business in India.


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